School Board Toolkit

Build Power!

Check out the first-ever School Board Elections Toolkit to build power through school board elections!

This toolkit provides a historical snapshot of how communities have engaged in school board elections, the current context on forces at play in school board elections, and case studies of successful school board election campaigns run by grassroots organizations. 

Guided by this toolkit, community organizers, families, and youth will be able to successfully engage in school board races with support on:

  • Youth platform for education and liberation
  • Candidate questionnaire
  • Candidate debates or forum agendas and materials
  • Campaign planning tools

We need you to join Black and brown communities engaged in this decades-long fight to build power through their school board elections as a way to achieve racial justice in the education system. So spread the word and share the toolkit! 


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πŸ§‘πŸ½β€βš–οΈπŸ«At this moment, with heightened levels of community engagement in school boards across the country, there are important opportunities for young people, parents, & community members to influence election outcomes & hold their school board members accountable once in office.

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School boards can either invest in restorative practices, more teachers, & mental health care or criminalize young people with police in schools & punitive discipline policies. Learn more about school boards and how to engage here:

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In 1954, the racist backlash to the #BrownVBoard decision deeming racial segregation in schools unconstitutional caused Black communities to organize for local control of school boards to support progress. TODAY, we must do the same.✊🏿 Take action: